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Hamsa Hand Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Bracelet

The Hamsa Hand is known in religious and spiritual communities around the globe. This talisman is designed for protection, to attract luck, health, happiness, good fortune, and even to ward off evil. The Hamsa has many names such as, "The Hand of Fatima", "The Hand of Miriam", "The Hand of Mother Mary", "Hamesh", and "Hume's hand". The Hamsa Hand dates back at least 1800 years ago, being one of the oldest symbols used for spiritual and religious work.

Carefully constructed, handmade bracelets. Brass plated box chain with a slider stopper to adjust sizing.

-11cm long chain


-Nickel Free

-Cadmium Free Each of our blessed items is charged with handpicked oils, various ingredients, and spells to fit your situation. We take careful consideration in selecting these ingredients to make sure you get the most out of your blessing.

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